How it Works

City College partners with organisations that are able to provide students with a structured role, through which they will access new experiences, develop work-related competencies, grow in confidence, flourish as an individual and become ready for the world of work.

The biggest obstacle they’ll face when applying for jobs is their lack of experience.

The businesses we work with give students a real taste of working life and an introduction to the skills they need to secure a future job and succeed in employment.

  • By choosing the Pre-Apprenticeship Learning programme, students will benefit from the support provided to enable them to achieve/exceed their academic potential, as well as developing their capacity to be a sought-after member of any employment team.
  • Three days at work, gaining valuable experience in the first year possibly rising to four days in the second year before they embark on an apprenticeship. Dealing with real life customers and situations, and learning new skills and competencies as part of their role.
  • Two days at City College following a curriculum that includes functional skills, English and Maths.
  • A seven week lead-up programme to prepare them for the world of work.
  • A pre-traineeship that far better equips them to compete for an apprenticeship or a job.
  • Building a CV with examples of work-based competency skills with practical experience.
  • Improving English and Maths, which will boost students’ chances of getting a job, as well as improving their long-term prospects and future earning potential.

The curriculum includes workshops on social media, presentation skills, interviews, eye contact and personal behaviour for work, interpersonal skills and communication skills including telephone and email.