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Burslem youngsters lay wreaths on Remembrance Day

More than 80 students from sixth form will gather at the Cenotaph in Burslem this Friday to mark Remembrance Day.

As part of the service, two students, Anna George and Aaron Bourne, will read a Bible passage and lay a wreath.

Remembrance Day

Mike Whittingham, Deputy Headteacher said: “Haywood Sixth Form Academy is at the heart of Burslem and our students embrace being part of the local community. The students have been the driving force behind this. Last year, some of them came to me to say that they wanted to mark Remembrance Day, so we’ve worked with Ashley Cooper to involve them in the ceremony.”

Ashley Cooper, Senior Pastor at Swanbank Church, said: “We have an excellent relationship with Haywood Sixth Form Academy and I’m pleased that so many of the students want to he part of our service on Friday. It is important to remember those who died so that others might live, and it’s comforting that our young people are passionate about Remembrance Day.”

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