Pre-Apprenticeship Year


The innovative Pre-Apprenticeship Year approach involves two distinct elements:

  • Two days per week at City College studying employability skills, Personal Development and Life Skills as well as Maths and English
  • Three days per week developing work skills working with one of our partner businesses

The Pre-Apprenticeship option is a ‘pre-traineeship’. This is an education and training programme that is combined with real, beneficial, work experience and is focused on giving students the skills and experience that employers are looking for. At the end of the programme the students will receive a Pre-Apprenticeship qualification called ‘The Employment Certificate’ assured by Pearson.

From September 2015, new Government rules require all young people to remain in education until their 18th birthday. Businesses cannot employ students during term-time, but do have the option of employing them during the summer, or for part-time weekend work. These rules will make taking part in our Pre-Apprenticeship Year even more attractive for businesses looking to recruit young people into their ranks.

To apply for a place please click here.