Mrs Whittingham

Co-ordinator of Pre-Apprenticeship Learning

It is a pleasure to be part of such a unique experience that Haywood has created and we have some very exciting times ahead.

Being able to work with our young adults is a privilege; being able to be part of their journey, providing them with support and guidance in order to improve their life chances is a great opportunity.

Having worked in both education and industry, I understand the benefits that the college Pre-Apprenticeship Learning Programme will create. I believe that giving the students opportunities to work in businesses will help them to mature and realise their potential; giving them the confidence and self-esteem to succeed in their aspirations, especially in these current difficult climates where competition is abundant. It is instrumental to their future development and sets them apart from their counterparts entering the job market at a later date. Ensuring they receive the right support at these times is pivotal.